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Recipes and stories that explore what it means to be Asian American.

Hey there! I'm Frankie. I've always felt somewhere in-between, being culturally American yet not white enough, and too American to never quite fit in to my own Taiwanese roots. I started this website as a place where I could explore my identity through food and share the recipes that define me as a Taiwanese American first-gen kid.

You'll find everything from recipes passed down from my family to dishes that blend the cultural lines and make my ancestors pass out (and that's okay!). I just want it to feel like you’re eating in my grandma’s kitchen and getting the best kind of fat with 10 year old plump me, pork buns stuffed in the face in a suburban midwestern kitchen full of steam and nostalgia.

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Growing Up with A White Grandma | Scallion Roast Chicken

A recipe and story on how this Taiwanese American whole roasted chicken came to be. A dish who's flavors are soaked in a wet brine of scallion, ginger, and nostalgia.

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Making Taiwanese fried chicken with Cheetos

My Midwestern brain couldn't help but think of the distinct crunch of Cheetos when snacking on Taiwanese fried chicken. And so, as an advance apology to my ancestors, I've decided to pair these two loves of mine together.

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