Hey there! I'm Frankie. I started this website to pay homage to my Taiwanese American heritage and to the grandmas' who fed me as a kid. I’m not a chef by any means, just a product designer who really loves food.

Little Fat Boy started as just me going to my grandma's house and trying to learn the recipes I loved growing up, and making them into my own. I started to photograph the food which slowly turned into a dream to share recipes that showed how beautiful Taiwanese food can be.

My hope with this site is to capture the melting pot of food experiences that I love through recipes, videos, pop-up events, and more. I just want it to feel like you’re eating in my grandma’s kitchen and getting the best kind of fat with 10 year old plump me with a bunch of steamed buns stuffed in your face, coupled with a little slice of Midwestern suburban goodness. – Frankie

The Fam

Frankie Gaw: @littlefatboyfrankie
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For business inquiries or to just say hello, feel free shoot me a message at letschat@littlefatboy.com!