First Generation: Recipes from My Taiwanese-American Home is out now!!

About the cookbook

I wanted to write a cookbook to celebrate the first-generation Asian American experience. To reflect on an identity that reflects the resilience of the immigrant spirit through recipes and stories. Dishes like Lap Cheong Corn Dogs, Honey-Mustard Glazed Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken, Stir-Fried Rice Cakes with Bolognese, Cincinnati Chili with Hand Pulled Noodles, Bao Egg and Soy Glazed Bacon Sandwich, and Lionshead Big Mac exemplify the creations born out of growing up with feet in two worlds. 

A young girl living in an abandoned mansion in the 1940's. An Asian family who adopts whiteness to survive in suburbia. A millennial who has it all except his father. Immigrants and their stories are the heart of America and are what make this country thrive. First Generation is just one of those stories and I can't wait to share it with you.


“Dedicated to his parents, the Asian community, and the LGBTQ community, Little Fat Boy blogger Frankie Gaw’s debut cookbook is a buoyant, deeply felt exercise in memory, identity, and flavor. The food in Gaw’s cookbook attests to a palate shaped by the foods of the Midwest and the dishes cooked by his Taiwanese grandmothers . . .”—Eater

“’Immigrants—their food and their stories—are the heart of America and what makes this country thrive. This is just one of those stories,’ writes Little Fat Boy blogger Frankie Gaw in this debut book.”—Epicurious

“Through step-by-step photography and hand-drawn illustrations, [Frankie] Gaw will teach you how to master Taiwanese classics like bao, dumplings, and scallion pancakes. But you’ll also find dishes that reflect his multicultural experience, like Lap Cheong Corn Dogs and Honey-Mustard Glazed Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken.”—Thrillist

“There’s an exciting energy in these books that really fights the shackles of the supposed ‘authenticity’ people expect their food to have. Frankie Gaw’s debut cookbook, First Generation, is no different. The food is flavor-packed . . . and the book is a necessary antidote for anyone who finds themselves in a cooking rut.”—Food & Wine

“This book oozes gratitude and respect for those who’ve helped Frankie along the way and is a strong reminder that it is most often so much more than just the dish but the story behind it, though the food is damn good.”—Antoni Porowski, TV personality, chef, and author

“Frankie Gaw has long been documenting recipes from his upbringing as a Midwestern Taiwanese American on his blog Little Fat Boy. His debut cookbook features some of his favorites . . . while reflecting on the resilience of the immigrant spirit.”—The Takeout

“Come for the Lap Cheong Corn Dogs and supermodel dumplings, stay for the deeply personal, deeply moving stories of Frankie’s Asian American Midwestern suburban upbringing. First Generation is one of the most exciting recipe collections I've ever seen.”—Molly Yeh, cookbook author and Food Network host

“[First Generation is] full of traditional Taiwanese favorites, as well as [Frankie Gaw’s] own unique creations that celebrate the various places and cultures that have shaped his cooking.”—Book Riot

“First Generation is a powerful exploration of personal identity alongside timely questions about what it means to be both Taiwanese and American. In this sparkling debut, Gaw delivers a blueprint of what all cookbooks should strive to be—personal, sincere, thought-provoking, and utterly hunger-inducing.”—Hetty Lui McKinnon, food writer and author of four cookbooks including To Asia, With Love

“First Generation is a beautiful memoir of food, evoking the emotions of being in between immigrant traditions and American life. Being in the middle is something that is difficult but is also a journey to be proud of, especially when the results are so delicious.”—Brandon Jew, author of Mister Jiu’s in Chinatown


Hardcover | $32.50
Published by Ten Speed Press
Oct 25, 2022 | 224 Pages | 8 x 10 | ISBN 9781984860767